Rescheduled meeting

We did have an Ag Club meeting this morning with just a few members.  Dr. Risner was unable to attend due to an emergency with one of the horses. She sends her apologies.

We talked about having the Ag Club represented at the Grizzly game and mini-Red Carpet Day on Feb. 22.  Cody volunteered to talk since he will be there in an ambassador capacity anyway. He needs pictures of agricultural activities to create the poster for the event.  These can be either electronic (digital) or actual paper photographs.

We also need to fill the open Treasurer seat to replace Jonathan.

There is a volunteer opportunity at the West Plains Animal Shelter.

We need to begin working on the spring workshops as soon as possible.

So, with these items in mind, let’s plan to meet next Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 8:30 am in Lybyer 202.

I will send out an email reminder on Monday.