About Anyta Cavitt

I am a full time student, a tutor, and the President of the Student Veterans Organization for the 2013-2014 school term.


No, the November check is in the mail – or so we are told.

Did you know?

That you can check out laptops from the library for those pesky weekend assignments (they have proximas too).

No need to pay for copies, Lonney Hall and the Library have scanners so you can “Scan” in your book, and either save it or print out for FREE!!

We have a BUNCH of text books (some more current) that you can barrow for FREE for one semester in The Veterans Incentive Program Center (VIP) – It’s called “Books for Vets from Vets.” Don’t forget to donate your gently used and marked text book.



Fall 2013 Kick off


To start we are having a meeting on the 27th in the VIP center (2:00 but if you want a chili dog earlier might be advised). At this meeting we will introduce our presidency, open the floor for nominations for empty seats. The speaker will be our president, Anyta. She will present information from the National Leadership Summit that occurred this summer. When all is said and done we will also have nailed down the details for the “rescheduled” float trip on the 6th of September. Please come on out and hear what we have planned for the year. More important figure out what a paper airplane has to do with all of it.

Summer Activites

The Student Veteran Organization will be having a Summer Float trip! Families, as always, are Welcome. The Float trip will be Wednesday August 14th 2013. We will be gathering at Pettit’s Canoe Rental at 8:00 AM. We will take off at 9:00 going from Blair to Dawt Mill. Lunch will be along the way.

The hope and intention for this trip is to aquatint some of our first year Veterans with those that have succeeded and are striving towards success in their college degrees. There are some cost that we are trying to negate that are involved in this trip, especially for the new students who are still in a transitional phase.

Anyone wishing to go on this trip is welcome, but we need a head count of Student/non-student by August 4th. The reservation has to be updated so there are no extra fees involved. If you have your own boat, need certain accommodations, equipment, etc… please let Anyta know – there is transportation available for privately owned boats.

For fun here is a snapshot from last-years float.