2012 February Meeting Minutes

Veteran CenterOn February 08, 2012, the Student Veterans Organization held their first meeting.

Carl Goodwyn opened the meeting and gave an overview of what the goals of the SVO. Dale Dreckman and Mark White was introduces as the University co-advisors. Next we accepted nominations for the following offices, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, nominates for Vice President were Matt Johnson, Jessica Dennis and Karen Williams. Jessica was voted in as the Vice President. Nominates for Secretary were Matt Johnson and Karen Williams. Karen was voted in as the Secretary. Nominate for Treasurer was Matt Johnson. Matt was voted in for Treasurer. Anyta Cavitt was voted in as Chaplain.

Daniel Odgen suggested that our meeting should be about twice a month, which we will let the group decide if that is acceptable.

Then the floor was turn over to Bruce Cavitt so that he can give a presentation about Tough Mudder, Bruce is trying to get a team together to enter this event. This event donated money to the Wounded Warrior Program. If you are interested in this program there will be a signup sheet in VIP. The website of tough mudder is: http://toughmudder.com/events/missouri-2012/.

After Bruce finished the meeting was brought to a close.

SVO President Carl Goodwyn